02 Methods of How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

Privacy and personal security concerns have become more prevalent in the age of advanced technology and constant connectivity. One such problem revolves around the GPS tracking capabilities of OnStar, a popular service offered by General Motors in their vehicles. While this feature can benefit emergency assistance and navigation, some may want to turn it off due to privacy concerns or personal preference. We will explore various methods and techniques about, How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking, enabling individuals to regain control over their location data and ensure their peace of mind.

What GPS Does OnStar Use?

OnStar utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to offer voice-guided driving directions. By establishing a CDMA connection, OnStar transmits GPS data to its central system, enabling it to deliver precise turn-by-turn directions. 

This technology ensures that drivers receive accurate and reliable navigation assistance.

How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking?

If you ever want to turn off the OnStar GPS tracking, you have two options. The first is contacting the OnStar service center and requesting them to turn it off for you. They will guide you and ensure your GPS tracking is turned off. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can physically turn off the system yourself.
By turning it off physically, removing specific components, or disconnecting wires, you can ensure that the GPS tracking feature is no longer active. Whichever method you choose, OnStar allows users to turn off their GPS tracking as per their preference quickly.

Call OnStar Customer Service to Unsubscribe

If you want to stop OnStar GPS tracking, you can contact their customer service department in two ways. The first option is to press the OnStar blue button and talk to the call agent directly. Dial 1-888-4-OnStar (1-888-466-7827) to reach the service provider. 

The OnStar agent may ask for your contact and billing information during the process, so be prepared. You will need to participate and communicate with them for more details actively. 

Once the service is complete, they will turn off the GPS tracking feature. It’s important to note that even after turning off GPS tracking through OnStar, the company will still collect vehicle movement data for marketing purposes. Some users may need help finding this solution satisfactory.

Disable OnStar GPS Tracking Physically

To altogether turn off OnStar GPS tracking, follow these ten steps:

1. Begin by turning off the vehicle.

2. Open the trunk to gain access to the relevant components.

3. Take out the trunk liner carefully, ensuring not to damage it.

4. Remove the spare tire from the trunk.

5. Proceed to take out the trunk still plate; depending on its design, it may require unscrewing.

6. Locate and access the OnStar device by removing the trunk shell methodically.

7. Look for the OnStar box, which could bear an OnStar or LG logo for identification purposes.

8. Unplug the OnStar device by disconnecting all three attached wires.

9. Once disconnected, carefully reassemble or reinstall any parts that were removed during this process.

10. By following these steps diligently, you will have effectively disabled OnStar GPS tracking in your vehicle.

Disabling OnStar’s GPS tracking system is convenient for those who prioritize their privacy and wish to maintain control over their location information while driving. Tampering with any vehicle’s components may void warranties or agreements with manufacturers or service providers such as OnStar, so proceed cautiously and bear responsibility for any consequences arising from turning off their services.

How to Use OnStar Navigation?

OnStar navigation is a cutting-edge navigation system that goes beyond the capabilities of standard navigation systems. It provides drivers with turn-by-turn guidance to ensure they reach their destination smoothly. To activate the OnStar navigation, all you need to do is press the blue OnStar button conveniently located on your vehicle’s dashboard, overhead console, or rearview mirror. 

Once pressed, a distinct tone signals the system’s activation and provides precise directions regarding your car’s movements. This innovative feature enhances driver convenience and reduces the chances of getting lost or confused while navigating unfamiliar routes. 

With OnStar navigation, drivers can confidently rely on accurate and detailed instructions to reach their intended destinations quickly and efficiently.

How to Reset OnStar Module?

To reset your OnStar module, follow these steps in detail:

  1. Connect your vehicle to the OnStar service.
  2. Disconnect the vehicle battery to ensure a complete reset.
  3. Connect your phone to OnStar via Bluetooth and dial 326.
  4. Once connected, wait patiently for the prompt asking you to reset your pin. 
  5. At this point, provide a new PIN as per your preference. 
  6. Crucially, wait to hang up the call before receiving confirmation of the pin change. 
  7. Once confirmed, reconnect the battery to your vehicle and give it around 10-15 seconds. 
  8. Turn your vehicle on, and voila! Your OnStar will be effectively reset.

Reset the OnStar Pin

To reset your OnStar pin, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your vehicle. 
  2. Press and hold the power button until Starti appears on the screen. 
  3. Simultaneously press and hold the door lock button on your car for two seconds. Then, release both buttons. 
  4. Go to OnStar’s homepage on your computer or mobile device. 
  5. Enter your account information on the page. 
  6. Click on the My Service icon. 
  7. Select the Reset My PIN option. 
  8. Provide a new PIN and confirm it. 
  9. Click on the Reset button to complete the process.

This step-by-step guide will ensure a successful reset of your OnStar pin, providing added security and peace of mind while using their services.


How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking can effectively protect your privacy and regain control over your personal information. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that OnStar cannot access or monitor your vehicle’s location and other data. It is essential to note that disabling OnStar may also disable some of the features and services provided by the system. Weighing the benefits of increased privacy against any potential loss of functionality is crucial.
The decision to turn off OnStar GPS tracking will depend on your individual needs and concerns regarding privacy. Take control of your data and make an informed choice today!


Can someone track my car with OnStar?

Yes, someone can track your car with OnStar. OnStar is a vehicle tracking and communication system that allows users to monitor their vehicles’ location and other data remotely. This feature can be helpful for stolen vehicle recovery or tracking the whereabouts of a loved one.

Does OnStar always track your location?

OnStar can track your location, but it is only sometimes actively tracking your location. The primary purpose of OnStar’s GPS is to provide emergency assistance and navigation services. In an emergency, such as a car accident or if you press the SOS button, OnStar can use GPS technology to pinpoint your location and send help.

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