How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years

Are you interested in enjoying the benefits of OnStar without paying a dime? Look no further! We will guide you through obtaining three years of free OnStar service. Whether you’re a new car owner or have been using OnStar for years, these tips and tricks will help you save money while still having access to the fantastic features of this innovative technology. So, if you want to learn How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years, keep reading!

Is there a Free OnStar Plan?

OnStar, the popular in-car safety and security system, offers a partially free plan. Some options allow users to try out OnStar services without any cost. New General Motors (GM) vehicles often come equipped with complimentary OnStar services for 30-day trial periods. During this trial period, users can enjoy features like navigation assistance, emergency crash response, and roadside assistance at no charge.

While the trial service offers these benefits for a limited time, utilizing the OnStar Basic plan is also available without subscribing to a paid package. The Basic plan includes valuable features such as maintenance reminders from your dealership and vehicle diagnostics. 

Users will have limited access to GM’s suite of myChevrolet, myGMC, my Buick, my Cadillac apps, or the OnStar RemoteLink app.

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years

How Long Is OnStar Free?

OnStar offers a free trial period to its customers. This trial period generally lasts 30 days, allowing users to experience the full range of features and benefits that OnStar offers. From emergency services like automatic crash response and roadside assistance to convenience features such as remote vehicle access and stolen vehicle assistance, subscribers can maximize their trial period.

OnStar goes above and beyond for certain individuals or specific vehicles by extending this free trial period to 90 days or three months. These lucky customers get an additional two months to explore all the capabilities of OnStar’s advanced technology fully. Whether it’s hands-free calling or turn-by-turn navigation, these 60 days allow users ample time to decide whether to continue with a paid subscription after the trial ends.

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years?

Getting OnStar for free for three years may seem like a dream, but it is possible if you follow a few simple steps. You must buy or lease a brand-new GM vehicle. It means that any of their latest models will do the trick. There is one condition – the odometer reading on your new vehicle must be at least 8,000 miles. So, if you plan to get OnStar free for three years, choose a car that meets this requirement.

Once you have your brand-new GM vehicle with an odometer reading of 8,000 miles or more, it’s time to connect it to your OnStar account. This step is crucial to start enjoying the benefits of the service without having to pay for it. Sign up with OnStar and ensure your new vehicle is appropriately linked to your account.

How to Get OnStar Free for 5 Years?

 General Motors (GM) offers vehicle owners various safety and convenience features. While it may not typically provide five years of free service, there is an opportunity to enjoy a 5-year basic plan for specific model years of newly purchased GM vehicles. This plan includes three essential services that can enhance your driving experience.

The diagnostics service provided by OnStar allows you to remotely access vital information about your vehicle’s performance and health. It lets you stay updated on potential issues or maintenance requirements, giving you peace of mind while on the road. The basic plan allows you conveniently start, lock, or unlock your vehicle using OnStar’s mobile app. You can activate the lights and horn from a distance, ensuring added security and ease.

The maintenance notification feature informs you about your vehicle’s upcoming servicing needs.

How Much is OnStar with WiFi?

OnStar, the leading provider of in-vehicle safety and security services, also offers a convenient WiFi hotspot feature for those constantly on the go. But how much does it cost to access this service? OnStar Gaurdian App provides two options: the Premium Plan and the Connected Vehicle Plan. For those looking for unlimited in-vehicle data or WiFi, subscribing to either of these packages is a must.

The more affordable option is the Connected Vehicle Plan, which comes at a monthly subscription cost of $24.99 Approx. This package allows users to enjoy unlimited in-vehicle data and WiFi connectivity. Suppose you’re looking for a comprehensive plan that includes all features of OnStar, including emergency services, roadside assistance, and advanced diagnostics capabilities. In that case, the Premium Plan will be your go-to choice. It is priced at $49 Approx.

How Do I Get OnStar in My Car?

If you’re considering adding OnStar to your vehicle, you may wonder how to proceed. Getting OnStar in your car is easier than you might think. Ddetermine if your car is compatible with the OnStar system. Most newer vehicles come equipped with built-in OnStar technology, but if yours doesn’t, don’t worry – there are options for retrofitting older models too.

One way to get OnStar in your car is by subscribing to a monthly plan directly through the company’s website or by calling their customer service hotline. They offer programs tailored to different needs and budgets, so you can choose one that suits you best. Once you’ve selected a plan and made the necessary payments, an OnStar representative will guide you through the activation process. An option is visiting an authorized dealership for help installing and activating OnStar in your vehicle.


We concluded with a blog about How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years? Getting OnStar in your car is a simple and convenient process that significantly enhances your driving experience. By contacting an authorized GM dealer or visiting the OnStar website, you can easily subscribe to the service and have it installed in your vehicle. With its wide range of safety, security, and convenience features, OnStar provides peace of mind on the road.
Whether you want emergency assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, or remote vehicle access, OnStar covers you. So why wait? Take advantage of this innovative technology today and enjoy all the benefits that OnStar offers in your car.


What happens if I sell my car with an active OnStar subscription?

If you sell your vehicle with an active OnStar subscription, you can transfer the remaining subscription period to the new owner or cancel it altogether.

Will installing OnStar void my car’s warranty?

Installing an aftermarket device like OnStar should not void your car’s warranty. It’s always recommended to consult your car manufacturer or dealership regarding any warranties-related concerns before installation.

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