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In the world of automotive enthusiasts, wheel fitment is a topic that often sparks heated debates and endless discussions. One common question, is 8×170 the Same As 8×6-5? For those who are unfamiliar with these seemingly cryptic numbers, they refer to bolt patterns – a crucial measurement when it comes to selecting compatible wheels for vehicles.

While they may appear similar at first glance, subtle differences between the two can make or break a proper fitment. We will delve into the intricacies of these bolt patterns and shed light on whether 8×170 is truly the same as8×6.5.

Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6-5?

When converting from the 8x170mm lug pattern to either an 8 6.5 inch or 8 165.1mm lug pattern, shaving down the protruding studs on the wheel may be necessary to achieve proper fitment. Once the wheel adapter is installed, there will be a 1.5-inch space available, providing enough clearance for wider rims and tires. It is important to note that you will need one pair of wheel adapters for every two wheels to complete the conversion successfully.

Is 8×6.5 the Same As 8×170?

Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6-5

While an 8 6.5 lug pattern may not be the same as an 8 170 lug pattern, it is possible to make them fit with wheel adapters and some adjustments. Trimming the protruding studs and utilizing wheel adapters can help achieve compatibility between the two patterns. It is important to note that using wheel adapters has certain risks. I recommend against relying on wheel adapters unless necessary.

What’s the Difference Between 8×6.5 and 8×170?

8×170 is 8x170mm.
8×6.5 inches is 8×165.1mm.
There is a 4.9mm difference between the 8x170mm and 8×6.5 inches bolt patterns.

An 8×6.5 lug pattern

The 8 6.5 lug pattern is a versatile and widely used pattern found in various models of Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Ford, Dong Feng, GMC, Hummer, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz. This lug pattern is favoured for its compatibility with multiple vehicle brands and models. This lug pattern ensures proper fitment and functionality, whether it’s a rugged pickup truck like the Dodge Ram or a luxurious sedan like the Mercedes-Benz. From off-road adventures to city cruising, these different models utilize the eight 6.5-lug pattern to provide reliable performance on the road.

8x170mm lug pattern

The 8x170mm lug pattern is predominantly utilized in Ford-250, Ford-350, and Ford Excursion models. This lug pattern has been traditionally employed in heavy-duty vehicles since 1999, and it remains the go-to choice for many of these vehicles even today. The longevity of its usage demonstrates this lug pattern’s reliability and effectiveness in supporting these trucks’ robust nature.

Will 8×170 Fit 8×6.5?

When considering fitting an 8x170mm lug pattern onto a wheel with an 8×6.5 lug pattern, it’s important to note that the two patterns are not directly compatible. It is possible to make them work by using wheel adapters. The discrepancy between the two patterns results in a 0.19-inch gap, which adapters can address. Remember that using these adapters means your vehicle’s studs will protrude outside them and may require shaving down for proper fitment.
To successfully fit eight lugs measuring 170mm onto an 8×6.5-inch pattern, you must employ four-wheel adapters specifically designed for this purpose.

Will 8×6.5 Fit 8×170?

Yes, the eight 6.5-inch lug patterns will fit 8 170 wheels with the help of a wheel adapter. You will need a 1, 1.5, 2, or 3-inch wheel spacer to ensure proper fitment. These spacers will create the necessary space between the lug pattern and the wheels, allowing them to be securely attached. Using a wheel adapter and spacer, you can achieve the desired fitment for your vehicle’s wheels while maintaining safety and performance.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters [4 Types of Wheel Adapters]

There are four types of wheel adapters during the 8×170 to 8×6.5 conversion.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 1 inch

The 1-inch wheel adapter is commonly used when converting from an 8 170 to an 8 6.5 bolt pattern. Although I do not recommend using wheel adapters, if you insist on one, the 1-inch adapter is the safest option. By employing this adapter, you can ensure a secure and reliable connection between the wheels and the vehicle. 

It’s important to note that opting for wheels with the correct bolt pattern is always best rather than relying on adapters.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 1.5 inch

When converting from an 8 170 to an 8 6.5 conversation, the 1.5-inch wheel adapter is the second most commonly used option. Many prefer using a 1.5-inch wheel adapter due to its reliability and safety features. Compared to larger options such as a two or 3-inch wheel adapter, the 1.5-inch version provides better stability and reduces the risk of mishaps while driving.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 2 inch

The 2-inch wheel adapter is popular, ranking third in usage after the 1.5-inch variant. While it may not be the safest option available, it still provides considerable safety compared to its larger counterpart, the 3-inch wheel adapter. It must improve overall safety compared to the highly regarded 1.5-inch wheel adapter. Despite this drawback, the 2-inch wheel adapter remains a reliable choice among car enthusiasts and mechanics.

Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6-5

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 3 inch

Using a 3-inch wheel adapter is rare and is considered risky. This type of adapter is rarely used due to its potential danger. When using a 3-inch adapter, there is a risk that the wheel may come off from the hub of the truck, which could be extremely dangerous. As a precaution, I always discourage the use of a 3-inch adapter as there is a possibility that the wheel may detach during harsh braking situations. The potential risks involved in using this size of adapter are not negligible and should be considered for safety reasons.

Final Words

As we seen above discussion about Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6-5? 8.170 and 8.6.5 may appear similar at first glance, but they are different. The presence of decimals in the former suggests a more precise measurement than the latter, representing a mixed number or fraction. It is important to pay attention to these subtle differences, especially in fields such as mathematics, engineering, and science, where precision is crucial. Understanding and acknowledging these distinctions ensures accurate calculations and avoids any potential errors or misconceptions. I
t is vital for individuals to be vigilant when interpreting numerical values and to seek clarification whenever necessary.


Can I simplify both measurements using only one unit of measurement?

Yes, you can simplify both measurements by converting them entirely into either just feet or just inches.

How do I convert 8 feet and 170 inches into a single measurement?

Add the inches to the feet to convert: 8 feet + (170 inches / 12) = 22.83 feet.

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