P0711 Chevy Silverado – Causes & Solutions 

The P0711 Chevy Silverado is a common issue that Chevy Silverado owners encounter at some point in their vehicle’s lifespan. A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) indicates an issue with the transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit. Several factors, including electrical problems, faulty sensors, or issues with the transmission itself, can trigger the DTC.

This article will delve deeper into the P0711 code and explore its possible causes. We will also provide some tips on how to diagnose and fix this problem, as well as preventive measures to help avoid encountering this issue again.

What Does the P0711 Code Mean?

The code P0711 is one of car owners’ most common issues. It indicates a transmission fluid temperature sensor issue that needs immediate attention. This problem arises when the sensor fails and the ECM or PCM detects an error.

The transmission fluid temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the transmission fluid. A faulty circuit within the sensor can cause this issue to appear. The sensors are exposed to high temperatures regularly, leading to damage over time. A damaged sensor can lead to inaccurate or no readings, causing further complications with your vehicle’s performance.

Symptoms of P0711 Code:

The most common symptoms of the P0711 code are:

  • Illumination of the Engine light
  • Transmission failure due to overheating
  • Transmission Slipping
  • Moving harshly
  • Stuck in a limp state
  • Torque converter problems
  • Smoke or smell comes from the transmission
  • Unusual gearbox noise

Causes of Code P0711 Chevy Silverado:

Causes of Code P0711 Chevy Silverado:

The code P0711 is one of car owners’ most common issues. It indicates a transmission fluid temperature sensor issue that needs immediate attention. There are many causes of this error.

Let’s discuss these causes and their solutions.

Low Transmission Fluid:

Low transmission fluid levels in your car can lead to various problems, including the P0711 code. This code is an indication that there is a problem with the automatic transmission temperature sensor circuit. When the transmission fluid level is low, it causes a lack of hydraulic pressure necessary to shift gears correctly. This results in gear slippage, which you may notice as slow or delayed gear engagement.


When this code shows low transmission fluid, fill in the proper quantity.

Damaged Wire:

When there is a break in this wire or any damage to it, it prevents the information from being transmitted accurately. This can ultimately affect your truck’s performance and lead to driving difficulties. You may experience jerky movements or sluggishness while accelerating, making it difficult to navigate through traffic smoothly.


Repair the wires. If the result is not good, replace this wire, and the code will disappear.

Dirty Transmission Fluid:

Dirty transmission fluid can cause a host of problems for your vehicle. One of the most common issues from a contaminated fluid is trouble shifting gears. The P0711 code may appear on your instrument cluster if the fluid has become too polluted. This can be especially problematic when shifting into reverse or lower gears, which require precise control over transmission components.


An automatic transmission on a truck can go up to 80,000 miles without changing the transmission fluid before it starts showing signs of wear and tear. After 80,000 miles, you must change the transmission fluid regardless of whether you’re driving an automatic or manual truck. And if the transmission is manual, then change fluid after 50000 miles.

Faulty Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor:

The transmission fluid temperature sensor is vital in keeping the transmission from overheating. This sensor ensures that the fluid is at optimal temperatures to keep all parts lubricated and prevent damage from friction; if this sensor fails, it can trigger an engine code P0711.

When this code appears, it indicates something is wrong with the transmission’s temperature sensor, which could lead to severe problems with your vehicle’s performance.


When there is an error, then replace the sensor immediately.

Defective PCM:

Rough shifting is a common problem when the PCM is not functioning correctly. Rough shifting happens when there are problems with the automatic transmission system in your truck. The PCM controls this mechanism and helps ensure that shifts between gears happen smoothly.


 If the PCM is not working, contact an expert to fix this. Don’t try to fix it.

How to Diagnose P0711 Code:

How to Diagnose P0711 Code:

Check Visually:

 To diagnose the P0711 code, you will need to start by visually inspecting the wiring and connectors of the transmission fluid temperature sensor. Check for any signs of damage or wear and ensure all connections are secure. If everything looks good on inspection, you must use a digital multimeter to test the sensor’s resistance.

Check the Transmission Fluid Temperature:

You must check the transmission fluid level and temperature condition to diagnose this code. Ensure that the levels are within range and that there are no signs of contamination or burnt smell in the fluid. If everything appears normal with the fluid, check for any loose connections or damaged wires in the wiring harness for the temperature sensor.

Check the Additional Codes:

To diagnose this error, you must check several additional codes that might be present alongside the P0711 code. These codes may include P0380 (issue with the glow plug heater circuit), P0710 (transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit malfunction), and P0087 (issue with the fuel rail pressure system).

How to Fix the P0711 Code on Your Chevy Silverado:

There are many ways to fix this code.

Remove the 10-millimetre bolts from the transmission heat shield.

To fix the P0711 code on your Chevy Silverado, all you need to do is remove the 10-millimetre bolts from the transmission heat shield. This will allow you to access the input speed sensor connector and check for damage or corrosion.

Drain the transmission fluid to make the work easier:

Draining the transmission fluid helps make the repair process easier, reducing the risk of leaks and spills during repairs. It also ensures that debris or contaminants are removed from the system, which could cause further damage if addressed.

Loosen the transmission pan bolts and remove the pan:

One potential solution to this problem is to loosen the transmission pan bolts and remove the pan. This will give you access to the internal parts of your transmission, allowing you to inspect and repair any damaged components. It’s important to note that this process can be quite involved and may require some mechanical expertise.

Remove the transmission filter:

The P0711 code on your Chevy Silverado indicates a problem with the transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit. This could be due to a malfunctioning transmission filter, which can cause the sensor to give inaccurate readings and trigger the error code.

Replace the transmission harness:

The transmission harness is responsible for communicating with the engine control module (ECM) to properly ensure your Silverado’s transmission functions. Replacing the transmission harness is vital for restoring your truck’s smooth operation and helps prevent further issues from occurring down the road.

Fill the transmission fluid as recommended:

To fix the P0711 code on your Chevy Silverado, fill the transmission fluid as recommended in your owner’s manual. The correct transmission fluid level helps keep the engine cool and lubricated, preventing overheating and damage to vital parts.

Truck’s user guide:

If you want to remove the code, follow the user guide and instructions.

Final Thoughts:

P0711 Chevy Silverado is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Ignoring this problem may cause irreversible damage to your vehicle’s transmission. It is highly recommended to take your truck to a certified technician immediately.

The mechanic will diagnose the exact cause of the code and provide the necessary repairs to ensure your truck runs smoothly again. Remember that regular maintenance and timely repairs can save you from costly repairs in the future. Taking care of your Chevy Silverado will increase its lifespan and enhance its performance on the road. Don’t hesitate; act now before it’s too late!


What common problems does P0711 create in the 5.3 Chevy engine?

The P0711 error code is a common problem in the 5.3 Chevy engine, and it can cause a range of issues that require immediate attention. A rough idle is one of the most common problems caused by the P0711 error code. The engine may start to shake or vibrate uncontrollably, which can disconcert drivers. This issue can lead to poor fuel economy and reduced power output from the engine.

What problems does P0711 generate in L5P Duramax?

The P0711 code in L5P Duramax is a problematic error that can cause significant issues in the engine. This error code refers to an issue with the transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit, which can lead to incorrect readings and cause problems in shifting gears. When the transmission fluid temperature sensor fails, it sends incorrect readings to the powertrain control module (PCM), causing the PCM to send signals for incorrect gear shifts.

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