Where is the OnStar Fuse Located At, and How to Remove It?

OnStar, the innovative in-car safety and communication system, has become an essential feature in modern vehicles. With its ability to provide emergency assistance, navigation services, and remote vehicle diagnostics, OnStar offers peace of mind for drivers everywhere. There may be moments when you need to disable or remove specific components of this system temporarily. One such component is the OnStar fuse, which plays a crucial role in controlling the functionality of this advanced technology. We will delve into the question many curious car owners have asked: Where is the OnStar fuse located? We will also explore how to remove it when necessary, safely.

What is OnStar Fuse?

The OnStar Fuse is a crucial component in GM vehicles, serving as a telematic fuse that is integral to the functioning of the OnStar telematics system. This system, which enables various remote services and communication features, is proudly owned by General Motors. With the OnStar subsidiary under its umbrella, General Motors ensures that its vehicles are equipped with advanced telematics capabilities, allowing drivers to access a wide range of convenient and safety-oriented features.

Where is the OnStar Fuse Located At?

In most GM vehicles, the OnStar fuse can be found in the box under the engine compartment. To access it, follow these steps: Open your vehicle’s hood. Locate the main fuse box situated under the front hood. The main fuse box has a cover with two black steps on it. Remove this cover to reveal the fuses inside. Look for the fuse labeled OnStar or refer to your owner’s manual for its location.

Once you have located the OnStar fuse, you can easily replace or check it if you are experiencing any issues with your OnStar module system. Knowing where essential fuses are located in your vehicle can save you time and stress when troubleshooting electrical problems related to specific components like OnStar.

How to Remove OnStar Fuse?

To deactivate your OnStar, the simplest method is to contact their customer care service. You have two options for getting them: either click on the blue button of your OnStar system or dial 1-888-466-7827 (please note that this number may be subject to change in the future). By contacting customer care, you can quickly proceed with deactivating your OnStar.

To remove or deactivate your OnStar fuse:

  1. Turn off your vehicle and open the trunk.
  2. Lift the trunk liner and carefully pull out the spare tire. If there is a cargo net, remove it before proceeding.
  3. Remove the truck still plate, which may require unscrewing it first.
  4. Uncover the OnStar device by pulling back any covering that may be present.


As discussed in the above blog about Where is the OnStar Fuse Located at, locating the OnStar fuse is a relatively simple task that any vehicle owner can complete. By consulting the vehicle’s manual or researching online resources, individuals can quickly identify the fuse box and locate the specific fuse for the OnStar system. Taking the time to familiarize oneself with their vehicle’s electrical components can be beneficial in emergencies or when troubleshooting any issues with the OnStar system.

Contacting a professional mechanic or OnStar can provide additional guidance and support if further assistance is needed. Remember, knowing your vehicle’s fuse locations can save you time and frustration in the long run. So don’t hesitate to explore your vehicle’s manual or search online for more information on locating the OnStar fuse today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the OnStar fuse located at Silverado?

The OnStar fuse in a Silverado is typically located in the fuse box under the vehicle’s hood. The exact location may vary depending on the year and model of your Silverado, so it’s always best to consult your owner’s manual or a professional mechanic for specific instructions.

What does the OnStar fuse control?

The fuse ensures that the power supply to the OnStar system is regulated and protected from any electrical issues or malfunctions. You can turn off or reset the system if needed by controlling the OnStar fuse. It can be helpful when you want to conserve battery power or troubleshoot any issues with the OnStar functionality.

Which fuse is the Onstar fuse?

Inside the fuse box is a red 10-amp fuse, the OnStar fuse.

Does removing the fuse disable Onstar?

No, removing the fuse does not disable OnStar. OnStar is a built-in feature in many vehicles, providing various services such as emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and navigation. It is typically connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, and removing the fuse will only cut off power to specific components or systems connected to that particular fuse.

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